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Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Jared Tate, Director (732) 341-1000, ext. 8418

Recreation Program Staff

Charlene Cruoglio, Clerk/Bookkeeper (732) 341-1000, ext. 8411

Jaime Hawks, Cashier Clerk (732) 341-1000, ext. 8415

Bey Lea Golf Course

Joe Kinlin, Superintendent (732) 341-1000, ext. 8426

Robert Edenfield, Clubhouse Manager (732) 341-1000, ext. 8427

Bob Romano, Assistant Clubhouse Manager (732) 341-1000, ext. 8427

Tracy Laski, Clerk/Typist (732) 341-1000, ext. 8426

Winding River Ice Rink

Dean Marusic, General Manager (732) 341-1000, ext. 8488

Eddie Casler, Assistant Manager (732) 341-1000, ext. 8488

Daryl Clark, Secretary (732) 341-1000, ext. 8488


The Department of Recreation is responsible for providing a comprehensive public recreation program for the residents of Toms River Township. Under the direction and leadership of Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher and Members of Township Council, the department continues to offer affordable recreational opportunities for residents of all ages. The department is comprised of five separate divisions: General Recreation Programs, Cultural Affairs, Beaches, Bey Lea Golf Course Utility, and Winding River Ice Rink Utility. The department is now offering an expanded summer camp program, family trips, and special events such as the 1st Annual Easter Show. Toms River Township is the only municipality in the State of New Jersey that manages an oceanfront beach, a golf course, an ice rink, and first class playground facilities. Each division is staffed by experienced and dedicated recreation professionals who are devoted to making the Toms River Recreation Department the best public recreation program in the State of New Jersey.

The staff is committed to providing Toms River Township residents with a comprehensive leisure service delivery system. The benefits of parks and recreation are endless:

Be Happier Feel Great
Reduce Stress Increase Community Pride
Protect the Environment Build Family Unity
Build Self-Esteem Reduce Crime
Decrease Health Care Costs Boost Economy

So come out and play! Enjoy what we have to offer and let us know what type of facilities and programs you would like in Toms River Township.


Mission Statement:
The mission of the Toms River Township Department of Recreation is to enhance the quality of life in Toms River Township by providing the best possible recreational facilities, open natural spaces and programs for its citizens.

Statement of Philosophy:
The primary service of the Toms River Township Department of Recreation is to provide opportunities for enriching the lives and meeting the recreational needs of Toms River Township residents. The expressed purpose of the department is to maintain and develop facilities and programs that provide a well-rounded, wholesome program of leisure time activities for the people residing in the community. The department will continually strive to make available to the people public property that has recreational value. The department also recognizes and strives to implement the joint use of public property for the multi-purpose and financial advantages it has for residents of the community.

Goals and Objectives:
Promote community involvement and actively seek input in the planning, operation and participation of the department.
Allow for an orderly growth, acquisition and development of the physical and natural resources, and to utilize the natural characteristics of the land, when evaluating its potential for parks and recreation purposes.
Provide training and development courses for all staff and volunteers to help maximize their effectiveness in providing valuable recreational experiences for residents.
Effectively coordinate the department with other Township departments, organizations, and schools to improve the overall service to the community.
Offer comprehensive, quality recreational programming aimed at satisfying the needs of varying age levels, physical abilities and special interests.
Act as a community resource for residents seeking information regarding all recreation and park related programs within Toms River Township and the surrounding area.
Maintain and improve the appearance and safety of our parks and facilities at the highest level of available resources.
Provide efficient and effective leadership and coordination for quality recreational and leisure activities for the community.


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