The Division of Engineering provides various services such as coordination of state and federal construction projects and grants, plan review, and design and management of township’s capital construction projects. Capital projects consist of:

  • Beach protection
  • Bulkhead replacement
  • Flood damage prevention
  • Park and recreation projects
  • Public building projects
  • Road paving and drainage improvements
  • Stormwater management and water quality upgrades

Program Involvement

The Division of Engineering also provides services to residents by assisting with flood zone determinations, plot plan reviews, and responding to general engineering and environmental questions typically related to wetlands, stormwater management and other general development questions. The division coordinates with the state and federal government on programs such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency Community Rating System, which allows our residents to enjoy discounts on their flood insurance, as well as state mandates such as our Tier A Municipal Stormwater Permit.

This program’s purpose is to ensure that we do all that we can to improve the cleanliness of our streams, rivers and the bay by inspecting, cleaning and upgrading our township drainage system. This program requires continuous coordination and maintenance of items, such as catch basin and pipe cleaning, street sweeping, detention basin maintenance and outfall erosion protection.

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