Division of Code Enforcement /Housing

Short Term Rentals:

The policies governing short-term rentals are back to normal, as provided under Chapter 335.

Renters are encouraged to bring their own facial coverings, and rental landlords are asked to follow CDC guidelines on cleaning rental units between renters.

Township inspectors continue to practice guidelines provided by the CDC and are wearing face masks and gloves to protect themselves and our residents and visitors. They are dispatched directly from home, allowing them to complete more inspections daily.  Inspectors are utilizing iPads to perform inspections which allows an inspection report to be electronically sent, providing the resident with immediate information.

Code Enforcement Team

The Division of Code Enforcement/ Housing & Property Maintenance falls under the purview of Craig Ambrosio, Division Manager of Parks, Buildings, and Grounds/Code Enforcement. The Division of Code Enforcement provides inspections throughout the township to ensure compliance with the township codes. Typically, inspectors respond to a complaint for code violations such as properties in an unsafe condition or state of disrepair. These codes consist of township specific codes and compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code.

The division staff is there to protect all residents and business from unsafe and unsightly conditions in order to make Toms River a better place to live.

Resident Complaints

While many people think that problems can be immediately resolved by a visit from one of our officers, there is often a due process that must take place to achieve compliance. Code Enforcement cases can begin in a number of different ways; most commonly a complaint is submitted into the Department by a citizen. Access the resident complaint portal and create an account to submit a complaint. 

Complaint Process

  • Problem identified (through citizen complaint or officer detection)
  • Notice of Violation is sent to the property owner detailing Township ordinance violation with a time frame to comply
  • After that time has elapsed, a second inspection is conducted on the property to check for compliance ranging from imminent hazard to 30-day compliance depending on the condition and ownership classifications
  • If compliance cannot be achieved through normal channels, the case is assessed on a case by case basis and depends on the nature of the violation and if it poses any immediate danger to persons on the property

Regardless of the type of service for the Respondent(s) in your particular case, please rest assured that your complaint is important and is being handled in an appropriate manner.

Rental Inspections

A large part of this division’s time and efforts are dedicated to year-round and seasonal housing inspections to ensure safe and habitable conditions exist in dwellings that are rented rather than owner-occupied.

Submit your rental application and payment right from your home.

Download our Rental Application . Please read through and fill out entire application. We will not accept applications that are missing information.

Also, as stated on 2nd page of the application please don’t forget to upload any other necessary documents that are required such as your home owner’s insurance declaration page, heat certificate, well cert (if applicable), and chimney cert (if applicable). 

You can send all completed paperwork to Housing@tomsrivertownship.com. Once processed we will send you a separate link to make your online payment.

We also have a courtesy list of guidelines to help you prepare for your inspection.

Vacant Property Registration

This Division is also charged with maintaining and enforcing the townships Vacant Property Registration. Any property that is vacant for more than 30 days is required to register with many requirements. Access the vacant property registration form (PDF).