Planning & Zoning


Please be advised that certain Engineering and  Zoning Permit user fees will increase as of March 4, 2021. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 732-341-1000 x8449 for the Zoning Office.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus, access to Town Hall is very limited. However, in order to minimize the disruption of the local construction industry as much as possible, our offices will continue to provide services such as the review of applications and inspections to the greatest extent possible.

 That said, one significant change will be how applications are received. Whereas most applications are typically dropped off to the front counter, it is recommended that applications be mailed to our office along with a check for payment.Plans and documents may be submitted via US Mail, FedEx, UPS or other commercial carrier. A drop box location is being set up at town hall for walk up delivery. Drop off of documents shall be in an enclosed envelope or mailing bag identified with block/lot/address.This will minimize unnecessary delays in accessing staff, and will reduce unnecessary contact.

Some limited information can be emailed to the main  and  email accounts, however any official survey or engineering documents that are signed and sealed will need to be mailed along with payments.

 Thank you for your patience.

Person Filling Out Forms

The Division of Planning, Zoning and Community Development includes planning and zoning, conservation, community development and affordable housing. It also provides administrative services to the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Environmental Commission. The purpose of these boards and commissions is to promote and ensure the reasonable and appropriate use of our lands and environmental resources.

Services Provided

The division provides administrative services to the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Environmental Commission. The full-time staff of the division includes licensed professional planners and zoning office. This division handles a number of functions, including:

  • Review of development applications and variance requests presented to the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Issuance of zoning permits
  • Protection of trees under the woodlands management ordinance
  • Administration of expenditures made under the Community Development Block Grant Program
  • Overall coordination of the Township's affordable housing program
  • Preparation and regular update of recommendations regarding the municipal Master Plan and development regulations ordinance
  • Coordination with county and state long range planning objectives
  • Technical assistance to the Environmental Commission
  • Coordination and technical advice regarding economic development and redevelopment in the township including the preparation of redevelopment plans

In many respects, the division is the research and recommendation arm of Township Council, providing information for council in order to assist the process of carrying out the policy objectives of the Township.