Clean Communities Programs

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Toms River Township is part of New Jerseys Clean Communities program, New Jersey Clean Communities is a statewide, comprehensive, litter-abatement program created by the passage of the Clean Communities Act in 1986. The Act provides a Adopt a Spotfunding source for the program by placing a tax on fifteen categories of businesses that may produce litter-generating products. With this funding Toms River makes the following programs available to its public free of charge.

Adopt a Spot Program

The Adopt A Spot Program is developed to give volunteer groups, businesses and citizens of the town of Toms River an opportunity manage the cleanup of litter from adopted sections of Town maintained roads or properties. This works on Improving property values and business values. The program will allow for greater community involvement in keeping the Town free from litter. Signs will be used to recognize the responsible group.

Cartoon SeagullPuppet Show

This is a coloring book read along puppet show. The child will learn with laughter, this is a proven effective way to educate the children on our topics. The coloring book is about a duck called Tom, and the river he lives on (The Toms River) being polluted from Non-Point source pollution.

Copies will be given to each child that participates in the show. There is a small stage that can be assembled easily in each class room. This eliminates the need of an auditorium or gym. This program will be age appropriate and reading skill level for 1st or 2nd grades. This show will run about 30 to 40 minutes long.

Kids Around Rocky the RobotRocky School Sweep

This show will utilize rocky the robot and a front man/woman. The subject will be mainly litter abatement but will touch on recycling. Rocky and his partner will talk about these subjects also soliciting child participation.

Magic and jokes will be used to help keep the children’s attention. The show will be able to be set in each individual class. This program is 3rd grade material and a 30 minute show.

For scheduling on any of our programs or more information please call us at 732-255-1000, ext. 8101.

Clean Rivers and Bay

This program is designed to clean our local water ways of float-able debris and pollutants. This type of pollutant can cause a danger to navigation and to our local marine life. The program also enhances the beauty of our local waterways for residents and tourists to enjoy. This program also conducts seasonal cleanups of remote natural marsh lands and islands which are only reachable by a marine vessel. Additionally, the program partners with groups like Save Barnegat Bay and Ocean Conservancy to conduct targeted cleanups and trash surveys. This program is be completely funded by the Clean Communities Grant at no direct cost to Toms River taxpayers.

Clean Communities Boat