Toms River Township Recycling Convenience Center

In order for us to serve the residents of Toms River Township efficiently and effectively, and to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local laws, we must strictly adhere to certain rules and regulations. Your cooperation and understanding is expected and will be greatly appreciated.

Rules for Bringing Materials

Residents are permitted to bring no more than two 35-gallon containers of construction/demolition debris to the Recycling Convenience Center two times per month. This debris must be placed in containers so that the quantity of material can be readily identified by the yard attendants. If such debris is not containerized, it will not be accepted.

The Township will not provide curbside pickup of construction/demolition debris. Should you have larger quantities of construction/demolition debris to dispose of, it must be brought to an approved landfill such as the Ocean County Landfill on State Highway 70 in Manchester Township by the resident, contractor, or licensed trash hauling company.


  • Must be a Toms River Township resident with proof of residency (driver's license, utility bill, tax bill)
  • No contractors, no demolition, and no commercial vehicles

Vehicle Size & Visits

Vehicles allowed into the Recycling Convenience Center can be no larger than a pickup truck. Rental pickups are allowed, but they must not exceed 8,000 pounds. Commercial vehicles are not permitted. Remember to properly secure and tarp all material that is being transported to the Recycling Convenience Center.

Only two visits/loads per month of household items are allowed. If you are dropping off brush or picking up mulch or wood chips, then you may enter more often. Over 100,000 vehicles utilize our facility yearly and the volume of material that is generated must be transported to various facilities throughout the county daily. State regulations do not permit any trash to be stored on the ground.

Wood Chips & Mulch

Free wood chips and leaf mulch are available for pickup. There is free delivery of leaf mulch in quantities of 5 or 10 cubic yards can be arranged by calling 732-255-1000, ext. 8103.

  1. Materials Accepted
  2. Materials Not Accepted

For your convenience, the following is a partial list of acceptable items at the Recycling Convenience Center. (This list may change without notice.) Please refer to the Ocean County website for more information.

Description & Guideline
Appliances (Metal)
Due to Federal Regulations, any appliance which has Freon in it must be certified that the Freon has been properly removed (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers)
Car batteries and rechargeable batteries must be brought to the Recycling Center

Cement/Cinder Blocks/Bricks/Etc.
Small quantities are accepted from residents only - absolutely no contractors
Township residents can bring used, but serviceable clothing, to bins for recycling
Cooking Oil/Grease
Can be dropped off at the Recycling Center year-round
Computers, laptops, tablets, monitors and televisions - can be dropped off at the Recycling Center year-round
All kinds of furniture including pianos/organs/pool tables
Garage Doors
Must be dismantled, can be dropped off at the Recycling Center year-round
Can be dropped off at the Recycling Center year-round
Can be dropped off at the Recycling Center year-round
Motor Oil
Can be dropped off at the Recycling Center year-round (up to 5 gallons maximum)
Water and oil base and marine paint (no varnish or thinners)
Propane Tanks (Empty)
20 pounds maximum
Ridged Plastic Items
Large Rigid and molded plastic items only. Including but not limited to: Playground equipment, children's ride-on toys, lawn furniture, buckets and pails, etc. - no metal on anything
Tires & Tire Rims
Car and light trucks only, tires off rims, separate tire from rim
Windows and Doors
Can be dropped off at the Recycling Center year-round
Yard Debris
Brush/branches - leaves must be kept separate
Shrink Wrap
Can be dropped off at the Recycling Center year-round