Road Division

The Toms River Township Department of Public Works Roads Division is responsible for 2,104 township streets which equal approximately 400 miles. The department is also responsible for the repair of street signs, the cleaning of storm drains and street sweeping. Bulk heading complaints should be directed to the Engineering Department at 732-341-1000, ext. 8335.

Reporting Issues

If you need to report a damaged or missing street sign, a pothole, clogged storm drain or any other road related problem, please call 732-255-1000 ext. 8110. If a sinkhole occurs, you should report it to Public Works immediately, as it usually indicates a damaged or deteriorated pipe under the road surface. This should be repaired, depending on the severity of the problem, as soon as possible.

Once reported to us, the Roads Division Foreman will instruct the Road Division Secretary to call for a mark-out. This procedure involves alerting all utility companies to go to the site and mark-out where their individual lines are. This is why you may notice different colored lines in a road. Red indicates electric; yellow-gas; blue-water and orange-cable TV. It takes approximately 3 to 6 days for a mark-out to be completed. Once the area is marked out, the road will be dug up and the pipe or pipes will be replaced.

State Highways

If a State of New Jersey highway (such as Route 9, Route 37, Route 70, Route 166) has a pot hole, drainage issue or any other road related problem, you may report the problem at their website.

County Roads

If an Ocean County Road (such as Route 571, Route 537, Hooper Avenue, or Fischer Boulevard to name a few) has a pot hole, drainage issue or any other road related problem, you may report the problem by calling the Road Department at 732-929-2133.


In order to improve the effectiveness of snow plowing, during a snow storm it is requested that residents refrain from parking vehicles on township streets while they are being plowed.

Vehicles parked on the roadway prevent curb to curb plowing and force the plow trucks to navigate around them. This leaves large quantities of snow in the roadway once the vehicle is finally removed. On street parking also increases the risk of vehicle damage from plows and salt/gravel spreaders.

On street parking during a snow plowing event significantly increases the time needed to plow all township roadways, resulting in additional costs and reduced overall effectiveness. It also presents a risk to public safety, as it inhibits the passage of emergency vehicles, and restricts their access to emergency sites.

Shoveling & Curbing

Residents are also asked to refrain from blowing or shovelling snow back into cleared streets.

During a snowstorm, main thoroughfares are cleared first, curb-to-curb, and then secondary streets are plowed. We will make every effort to plow curb-to-curb. Please note: plows are not lifted for driveways. It is the homeowners' responsibilities to shovel open their driveways only after their street is plowed curb-to-curb. The shoveling of snow back into plowed streets is prohibited.

Also, all vehicles must be removed from the streets before any snow accumulation, in order for salt and plow trucks to be able to clear your streets properly and effectively. Please mark any and all types of curbing and landscaping so they are visible to plow operators.


The Department of Public Works does not maintain streetlights. If you have a streetlight out or a problem with a streetlight, please call Jersey Central Power and Light at 1-800-545-7738. They will ask for an exact address and it does help if you can supply them with a pole number.

Helpful Telephone Numbers

  • New Jersey American Water Company (Barrier Island Area): 1-800-987-5325
  • Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority (Sewer): 732-240-3500
  • United Water: 732-349-0227