Shrub / Tree Trimmings Collection

This program helps reduce the amount of recyclable material that goes into the landfill. Brush/tree trimmings will be picked up in the spring and fall of each year. Throughout the year, residents can bring chippable material to the Township’s Recycling Convenience Center and pickup free mulch and wood chips.

Free Leaf Mulch & Wood Chips

Free leaf mulch and wood chips are available at the Toms River Township Recycling Convenience Center for pickup by residents. When sufficient quantities are available, we will deliver either 10 or 20 cubic yards to your home at no charge. Please call 732-255-1000, ext. 8104 to arrange for a delivery.

Fall 2020 Shrub & Tree Trimming Schedule

Beginning the week of October 5, 2020, the Township will institute curbside pickup of shrub, tree trimmings & branches. Branches must be less than 4” in diameter; all material must be in lengths of 4’ or less and weigh less than 50 lbs.  DO NOT BAG OR TIE ITEMS (if items are extremely small put in untied bags or 35 gallon garbage can).  

Put material to be picked up at the curb before 6:30 a.m. on October 5th.  Collections will end on October 16th.  If you have any questions regarding brush collection, please call 732-255-1000, ext. 8171.