Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Next Meeting of the Zoning Board of Adjustment will be held on August 11 , 2022.

Download the Agenda of the Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting here: Zoning Board of Adjustment Agenda for August 11, 2022.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus, access to Town Hall is very limited. However, in order to minimize the disruption of the local construction industry as much as possible, our offices will continue to provide services such as the review of applications and inspections to the greatest extent possible.

 That said, one significant change will be how applications are received. Whereas most applications are typically dropped off to the front counter, it is recommended that applications be mailed to our office along with a check for payment.Plans and documents may be submitted via US Mail, FedEx, UPS or other commercial carrier. A drop box location is being set up at town hall for walk up delivery. Drop off of documents shall be in an enclosed envelope or mailing bag identified with block/lot/address.This will minimize unnecessary delays in accessing staff, and will reduce unnecessary contact.

 Some limited information can be emailed to the main engineering@tomsrivertownship.com  and zoning@tomsrivertownship.com  email accounts, however any official survey or engineering documents that are signed and sealed will need to be mailed along with payments.


Thank you for your patience.


The Zoning Board of Adjustment hears and decides matters that are not consistent with the zoning regulations. Individual homes that do not meet the standards of the ordinance are heard by the board, and the board hears applications where uses are not permitted by the ordinance. The proceeding is quasi-judicial in nature, and it is the function of the board to protect the intent and purpose of the zone plan while at the same time providing relief where it is warranted.

Strict statutory guidelines are followed in these matters. The board is also empowered to provide interpretations of the zoning ordinance and to hear appeals where it is alleged that the Zoning Officer or other administrative agent of the Township has made an error in the administration of the ordinance.


View the Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting Schedule (PDF) for more information: Zoning Board of Adjustment Schedule of Meetings for 2022


Agendas are available two days prior to the meeting.

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Meeting Location

Zoning  Board of Adjustment meetings are held in the L. Manuel Hirshblond Meeting Room at Town Hall. Meetings promptly begin at 6:30pm.

  1. Melissa Benedetto

    Zoning Board Secretary

Upcoming Zoning Board of Adjustment Meetings

The Zoning Board typically meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 6:30PM in the Manuel L. Hirschblond Meeting Room on the second floor of Town Hall, 33 Washington Street, Toms River.

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