Zoning is the division of land into zones, tracts, areas, etc, according to existing characteristics or as distinguished for some purpose.   The Township's Master Plan identified the goals and objectives of how and where the Toms River community wants to see the Township grow and retain its character.  Pubic input was gathered through numerous public meetings during the creation of the 2017 Toms River Master Plan.  Toms River Township Planning Board adopted the Toms River Master Plan in various sections in February thru May of 2017. 

Land use ordinances are adopted by Township Council, the legislators, and codify the Master Plan's vision and goals for growth of all land uses in the community (commercial, residential, public uses, etc.). The Zoning Officers are responsible for the review of proposed developments to determine conformity with Township Land use Ordinances (laws).  They also can assist in interpretations of the ordinance.  Zoning Officers are not allow to provide deviations from the ordinance requirements, as this is the responsibility of the Zoning Board of Adjustment or Planning Board depending on the type of variance required and land use proposed. 

Zoning Permits

Sheds, additions to single family homes and new single family homes are generally able to be issued a permit if they conform to land use ordinances.  Commercial and multifamily residential developments generally require approval by the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment prior to issuance of a zoning permit.   New commercial tenants generally can receive a Zoning Permit approval, if the use is conforming with the code and the approved site plan conditions (if applicable). 

Residents / Contractors can complete a zoning application on the community portal, however applicants must submit payment for application fee in person or via mail. Residents / Contractors may also print out the application and submit in person with application fee payment at the Township Zoning Office. Applications with instructions are provided below under the documents section.  Please submit all required documents (listed by application type) to expediate your review.  Hard copies of the application are also available in the Zoning Office. All checks for application fees must be made out to Toms River Township.

Land Use Ordinances

Land Use Ordinances are provided online via eCode.  Land Use ordinances are provided under Chapter 348 of the municipal codes. Residents must know their land use zone prior to review of the code for site specific information.  In most cases, general land use code topics such as parking, landings, driveways can be viewed by typing the topic in the search tool without knowing the subject property land use zone.  Please contact a zoning officer to assist you to identify the land use zone your property is located in and regarding any questions that may arise as you review the land use ordinance. 

Zoning Officers

A Zoning Officer is available to speak with you to address your land use questions from Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM in accordance with the zoning officer public schedule below (subject to availability).  Each zoning officer has designated public hours to address drop-in public resident's questions.  On days when zoning officer's may be out of the office, a land use planner will be available to assist you. 

Please reach out to the zoning officer on duty  with your email inquiries or send to zoning@tomsrivertownship.com to reach all zoning officers (except for Bernie Mackle) and planners.  

You may also contact (732) 341-1000 Ext. 8449.  Our zoning secretaries will direct you to the zoning official on duty.  

Status checks of active permit applications can be viewed on the community portal.  

Please come prepared with at minimum a property address and/or lot and block information for the subject property.  For more detailed information (such as can I fit this use on the property?)  we ask that residents / businesses bring a copy of the subject property survey or site plan.

Zoning Officer Public Hours

Zoning Officer Name Public Hours Email Address
Hannah Desmond 8:30AM - 4:30PM hdesmond@tomsrivertownship.com
Stephanie Baumgartner 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM sbaumgartner@tomsrivertownship.com
Debra Tellekamp  8:30AM - 4:30PM dtellekamp@tomsrivertownship.com
  1. Hannah Desmond

    Zoning Officer
    Phone: 732-341-1000 X8357

  2. Stephanie Baumgartner

    Assistant Zoning Officer

  3. Debra Tellekamp

    Assistant Zoning Officer
    Phone: 732-341-1000 x8530


The Zoning Office is located on the second floor of Town Hall.

Physical Address
33 Washington Street
Toms River, NJ 08753 

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 728
Toms River, NJ 08754

Zoning Map

Zoning Permit Application & Associated Documents