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Toms River Township has been named as a Tree City USA for 33 years. The Township adopted a Woodlands Management Ordinance in 2005 to prevent clear cutting and to require Tree Management Plans. A Tree Management Plan (TMP) is required prior to the removal of any tree or trees in connection with an application for development (Minor or Major Site Plan or Subdivision). The removal of one or more trees related to the construction or continued use of a single-family or two-family residential dwelling is exempt from a Tree Management Plan, but a Tree Removal Permit is required. Application for a Tree Removal Permit may be made at the offices of Planning, Zoning and Community Development. A photograph of each tree proposed for removal is required with the Tree Removal Permit. Applications requesting the removal of 10 or more trees may be referred to the Township Forester for review and approval.

  1. Dave Roberts

    David G. Roberts

    Township Planner, AICP/PP, LLA, LEED AP ND

  2. Shari Spero

    Township Forester

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Tree Removal Permit Applications and instructions can be downloaded from the links below.

Tree Removal Permit Application

Tree Permit Procedures