Toms River Community Art Project

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The Toms River Community Art Project (TR CAP or CAP) is a joint public/private venture between the Business Improvement District, Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce, Toms River Township and the artist community.  Toms River Council by way of resolution designated the Toms River Community Art Project to function as the Arts and Cultural (artist) committee for (all of) Toms River Township.  The CAP works to implement the Arts and Culture element of the Toms River Township Master Plan as well as other task as identified below. 


Arts, Culture and Creativity are the economic drivers to building a vibrant, year round community that converts the tourists of today to new residents and business owners of tomorrow.  It is the vision of the Township to continue to foster and expand on the existing relationships and collaborations between agencies, artists, non-profits, businesses and the public; to continue to grow the arts, culture and creative community and create a culture of "we".  

Together we will link Downtown Toms River's new Arts and Culture District with Ortley Beach and Toms River proper in dynamic and unique ways.  The focus on arts, culture and creativity will be seen in practice in Kindergarten to University education; and in the way we run our businesses.  

A creative-based economy will generate positive economic activity, greatly contributing to Toms River resident's quality of life.


The mission of CAP is to facilitate and provide leadership and guidance, advocacy and support for the arts and cultural development of Toms River Township.  


1.  Implement items in the Arts and Culture Master Plan Element -such as designate an Arts and Culture District (completed in August of 2019)

2. Host listening sessions with artists groups to gather input on what they would like to see in a Makerspace and how the Toms River CAP can assist them.

3.  Coordinate Summer Themes and activities (2019 Theme was "Live, Work & Play in Toms River").

4. Assist with preparation of Art Grants when applicable.

5.  Advocate for the artists community and provide a voice for their concerns and desires to assist the community to grow and thrive in Toms River Township.  

6.  Be a resource to the Township Council when called upon to provide advice on cultural and arts components of proposed redevelopment projects as required for the negotiation of redevelopment agreements.


Meetings are held at the conference room, located on the 2nd floor of the Business Improvement District.  Please email for more information about meeting dates and times. The public is welcome to attend meetings.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 4th at 10 AM

New Members / Volunteers / Sponsors

Individuals or organizations interesting in volunteering, sponsoring events, and/or becoming members should contact Marshall Kern at

More Information

For more information please follow the Toms River CAP at and on Facebook @ TomsRiverCAP.

Arts and Culture District

The CAP recommended, in conjunction with the Township's Master Plan, that the Township designate an Arts and Culture District.  In September of 2019, the Township Council designated an Arts and Culture district located in Downtown Toms River via resolution.  The district includes performance venues (music, theater and other performances); dance, theater, and music schools; gallery spaces for artists; venues to create art (such as paint and sip venues and pottery painting venues); meeting spaces for artists; and retail venues that sell creations produced by local artists. The district also includes room for future expansion of the arts and cultural community.  

In addition to designating the district, Township Council also adopted an amended Redevelopment Plan for the Downtown Core that incorporates the boundaries of the arts and culture district and includes incentives for developers to incorporate performance venues and makerspace areas into redevelopment projects.  

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