Ortley Beach Streetscape Project


The Township received over $900,000 in Federal funding through the NJDOT's Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) in 2016 for streetscape improvements along Route 35 North and gateway treatments on Route 35 North and South and Bay Boulevard. The grant application was an implementation step of the 2015 Ortley Beach Neighborhood Plan, funded with a Post Sandy Recovery Grant. The project is currently in the design and Preliminary Engineering phase, with design services being provided by NV5 as part of the NJDOT Design Assistance Program. The Preliminary Engineering Report was approved by NJDOT at the end of April and the Final Design phase of the streetscape project will take place during 2021. The total reimbursable cost of the design services is about $188,000. Once the construction documents are finalized by NV5 and approved by NJDOT, the construction contract will be put out to bid, with the cost to be covered by the original $900,000 TAP Grant.

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